The Hotel Sessions

by Jay Troop

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Hi Everybody,

The Hotel Sessions is my debut solo album. It came about after two years of mostly living and writing while I was on the road for work, always far from home and staying somewhere new. I collaborated with some incredible musicians spread out all over the U.S., usually working remotely with each other to maintain the transient, restless feelings at the heart of the record. In a diverse range of tones and textures, the album explores the ephemeral longing that can creep into a heart wandering far from home. Thanks for listening, I really hope you enjoy it.

Jay Troop


released July 14, 2015

If you'd like to purchase the limited edition vinyl pressing of this record, please visit or come visit one of my shows!

Written + Performed by Jay Troop
Produced by Jay Troop + Blaine Misner
Recorded + Mixed by Blaine Misner
Drums by Patrick Frank
Pedal Steel, Guitars, Mellotron, Organs + Extras by J. Tom Hnatow
Synthesizers, Organs, Harmonies + Extras by Ryan Brady
Mastered by Will Bowden

Special thanks to Mom + Pop, Patrick, Ryan, Jess, Becky, and so many other close friends + mentors. Without you this record would never have come together.



all rights reserved


Jay Troop New York, New York

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Track Name: Wandering Soul
Simple, small. Simple's what I know.
Tiny Kingdom down below.
My loves nearby I keep.
I know just where I sleep.

Roam around the dark and steep.
Bring your stories back to me.
Look out for friendly souls.
Collect then round our home.

Wandering soul I want you.
I need you, wandering soul.

Hold me up so I can see.
Tin box monsters running free.
I'll shout the demons down.
Lightening eyes, steel frowns.

Small is simple, small will grow.
The younger trees, the older stones.
Look out for friendly souls.
Sunrise now, where to go?

Wandering soul, I want you.
I love you, wandering soul.
Track Name: Driveway
Rainfall, fire escape
Risking hope and heart to
Light comes slow and easy
On our faces as we stand,
Testing my self-restraint.

On our way back to a home we left
And our old empty place will still catch my breath,
So pull me up on the counter
Where you welcome in my arms.
Where would I be without you?

Lights dim, it's getting late.
Hold me back from the same mistakes.
I still need you now,
From some thousand miles away.
We went, just the same.


Careful steps, stand up tall.
A final dance, a curtain call.
You pull me back to arms
I guess are stronger from it all.

Track Name: Set Me Free
You trapped me with a pretty smile.
And Held me for a little while.
Zoos pay well for the primates,
The lions locked next door.
You sharpen claws, I spin the dials.

'Cause while out late at night,
You held me towards the light
As you trapped me held me close
I trembled from the fight
Breaking down the locks
Of the cages that you set for me
I bust out run away
You say you'll set me free

I don't believe the lies you’re telling me,
I hear you giving chase as I run away.

You had me eating from your hand
A trap I didn't understand
Your pet parade got smarter
And saw the open gate
You're close behind but much too late.

Now I'm a furtive fugitive figuring flaws
From your shimmering, sharpened charms.
And this furtive fugitive runs away
From your glinting open arms.
Track Name: Help! My Love
You came around just this morning
with a letter in your hand.
I know that sound, a desperate warning.
Girl, I hope you understand.
I know you think I can be trusted,
think the promises I make won't disappear.
But I'll run out and leave you crying.
So come over let me whisper in your ear.

Help! My love. Go save yourself. 'Cause I don't wanna be true. Help! My love. Go save yourself. I might fall for you.

Since you left, well I been crying.
I know I did you wrong.
Yes I was mean, and so shortsighted,
now my days with you are gone.
They got another thing coming! Those other fellas.
If they're hoping for a chance to be your guy.
Won't give you up. No, not that easy.
I won't rest till I've won back your loving eyes.


I came around to find my darling
with a letter begging you to let me be your man.

Help! My love. Go save yourself
'Cause I just wanna be true.
Help! My love. Go save yourself
I just might fall for you

Don't you know I'm gonna fall for you.
Track Name: Tall Tales
Let's stay up all night, and in the morning, tell me stories in my bed. Tall Tales from your young adventures, echoes from your memories fill my head. Not sure what to tell the friends we know. That complicates these glances as they go. Let me have you now, the sun'll sort us out.

Naked as the night before, we left our worried glances in the dark. Gentle pauses, lie and listen to laughter from the park. Open windows keep us honest as we plan for the week. Let me have you now, the sun'll sort us out.

Early morning obligations keep us from the sunlit fort we hold, filled up with endearing secrets, saved for days we stay in from the cold. Scheming, dreaming different ways to go. Detours intersecting as they grow. Let me have you now, the sun'll sort us out.
Track Name: Losing You
I can't go on losing you.
No I can't live this down.
But I can't go on loving you.
I've no clue what to do, or how to save this now.

I don't believe this. Come on, tell me, please?
Just tell me why you're leaving.
You fake forgotten
like you know just where to put me down.
But I can't seem to leave this, so give me a chance
To hear what you're saying to me now.

I don't know where to start again.
I'm calling all my friends as lights go low.
I can't go on loving now.
You were all I had to lose. Somehow
I lost you over this damn phone.

No, I don't believe this.
Oh Come on, tell me please!
Just tell me why you're leaving.
Tell me why did you go? And how did you think this would play out again?
I don't know.
The way you left, the way you tried to leave me on my own, now all alone.
I need some other love to call my own.

Help me up. Show me how to live again.

Please, don't believe this.
Oh Come on, tell me please!
Just tell me why you're leaving.
You fake forgotten just like you used to
When you used to keep me warm.
But now I'm here alone in the cold
On this ice-covered heap of what used to
be my home. Now all alone.
Track Name: Roundabouts
I wander the roundabouts
Made peace with the night
I'm lost and the wolves are out
Shadows in the lights

I've got the whole world alone.
Roam these empty streets.
No sound but for stepping stones.
No light left to see

Wolves won't make the morning
So I will walk this night out
Looking in the alleys for
Unopened doors
Search the stones for signs of
What's behind you as you
Twist and climb out
Building branches hide you
In their leaves.

I wander the roundabouts
Lost deep in the fog
Blind hands are left reaching out
Scratching at their God.

I feel more at home
Here in the dark, exploring.
Running up the alleys
As they chase me down
If why you run is coming up behind you,
Why'd you slow up?
Morning's hours away,
Don't give up now.

I wander the roundabouts
The shadows...
Track Name: Updates
I get my tragedies straight from the headlines.
I pull my empathy from Hallmark cards.
I give a damn about all this dead time.
I send my sympathies to Lost Cause at the bar.

No one knows why I show
My inch-deep feelings and worries with the world.

How am I surrounded and so alone?
Send out what you see here.
Phone it home.

Airport lines and constant distractions.
Try to imagine my life sitting still.
Dread long moments without my connections.
Scared no one listens, I’m getting shrill.

No one knows why I show
My inch-deep feelings and worries with the world


Fill me in. Show me how.
Give me answers written down.
Because, God, I get so confused on my own.
Bolster my believing with some great television shows.

Track Name: Beside the Road
Time caught you out. When I was 12 years old, I had my doubts. Hold what you own. Tell me: Is it worth it to you now?

Leave all you had beside the road.
Give all you love away
No I won't let, Oh No, I won't let go.

Leave the room and shut the door. Dangerous dreams come true, I'm sure. Hours of walking out alone won't bring back the days, the sunrises you wasted.

All I see are opened dreams left around: Dreams you put down.
Track Name: Horizons
Starts with a stranger's tan lines underneath my hands. Soft shade from pine trees and California sand. Come out, drive along the coast. Get up early and get lost in the woods or by the ocean. I'll make us breakfast on the porch. We'll fill the weekends up with more big skies and suntan lotion. Happily, the dreams we had we carried out of bed, and I still hope you'll come around again.

Summer goodbyes take you by surprise. Soak up sunny weeks until you realize, though the sun is setting now you've got a flight that's leaving town and only hours to get there. As different cities call our names you kiss my cheek and gently say, "Maybe see you later." Happily the dreams we had we carried out of bed, and I still hope you come around again.

I want the world all to ourselves, the way it feels just when your eyes light up the horizon. From your postcards now and then I know that you'll be there to reach me, whenever I can find them.

Happily, the dreams we had we carried out of bed, and I still hope you come around again.
Track Name: Lead Me Astray
I’m packed as I meet you at your front door
‘Cause I’m not afraid of you anymore
I’m not gonna leave with that look on your face
I’m taking you with me if i leave this place.

So lead me astray, and open my heart.
I’ve nothing to fall for, and nowhere to start.
I’ll leave with the pride once thought was my own.
Now I know better. Can’t find this alone.

I leave when I sure to fight my way home,
but everything’s harder without you along.
So paint me the fool and show me the door.
I know what I’m leaving. I’ve left here before.
I know what I'm leaving. I've lost love before.